Lead Paint Remediation

Houses and other buildings that were constructed before the 1980s may contain a lead based paint. In some cases, the paint is best left undisturbed. It can be a serious health hazard, and must be removed, if it is chipping, flaking or within reach of children’s mouths.

Lead paint remediation takes experience and proper equipment to avoid creating toxic dust and fumes while it is removed. Standard tools such as sanders and heat guns cannot be used. Proper ventilation must be used, but it must not spread air to other areas of the house. Hazardous material disposal is then required.

For these reasons, most homeowners and property managers hire an expert to remove the material without spreading it further.

If you suspect your home or office contains lead paint, give us a call. We will evaluate the risk and develop a plan to safely and permanently remove it, keeping your home and family safe and improving your property value.